Hot Carbonating Extraction: The Innovative Way to Clean Carpets

Jul 3, 2024 | Carbonated Cleaning, carpet cleaning, Pet Urine Odor Removal, stain removal

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Are you searching for the best carpet cleaners in Huntington Beach, it’s important to find a company that is trusted by homeowners in the community and experienced with cleaning all types of carpets. 

You’ll also want to understand the cleaning process they will use. After all, your carpets are an important part of your home and you want to make sure that they receive the best care. 

Whether you have babies or toddlers who spend the bulk of their time playing on the floor or you’re concerned about the health and safety of your dogs or cats, there are a number of reasons to take a closer look at the types of cleaning formulas and specific methods a professional team will use to clean your carpets. 

The History Behind Our Hot Carbonating Extraction Method

At Immaculate Home Chem-Dry of Orange County, we take pride in our proprietary cleaning process known as Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE). This innovative method was developed by our founder, Robert Harris, over four decades ago.

Harris was determined to find a better alternative to conventional cleaning methods. He discovered that the power of carbonation could effectively lift dirt and grime from carpets. 

This breakthrough led him to create and perfect the HCE process, which Chem-Dry technicians continue to use today. 

Why Our HCE Carpet Cleaning Delivers Exceptional Results

Our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process delivers exceptional results by utilizing tiny carbonated bubbles to dislodge compacted soil from carpet fibers. This method avoids the issues commonly associated with steam carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning typically involves carpet shampoos or detergents that are difficult to fully rinse out. Consequently, large amounts of water are used, leaving carpets soaking wet for days. This prolonged moisture can promote mold and mildew growth and force homeowners to avoid walking on wet carpets.

Additionally, steam cleaners often leave a sticky, soap-based residue that attracts dirt and grime, causing carpets to appear dirty more quickly. This results in a cycle of frequent cleaning without ever achieving truly fresh carpets.

In contrast, our HCE process uses a carbonated cleaning solution called The Natural®. Free from harsh chemicals, soaps, detergents, and other problematic substances, The Natural® is gentle and safe for families with children, pets, and those with allergies or sensitivities. Formulated with ingredients inspired by nature, it ensures a healthier cleaning option.

During our HCE process, The Natural® penetrates deep within your carpets. The millions of microscopic bubbles lift dirt and grime trapped in carpet fibers and near the backing to the surface. Our professional carpet cleaners then use powerful extraction equipment to remove these contaminants along with excess moisture. The HCE method uses approximately 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning, allowing you to enjoy clean, dry carpets within hours, not days.

Enhance Your Home with Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

With our HCE process, you can enjoy deeply cleaned carpets that stay fresh longer, reducing wear and tear and extending their lifespan. This means your carpets will continue to serve your family for years, saving you both money and time with less frequent cleaning appointments.

Our professional carpet cleaners in Fullerton use the HCE process to tackle even the toughest spills and spots. For particularly stubborn stains or pet accidents, we offer specialty stain removal service and Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®), effectively eliminating virtually any type of stain in your carpets.

Start benefiting from our innovative carpet cleaning process today! Contact Immaculate Home Chem-Dry of Orange County at (714) 316-0686 to book an appointment!

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