How to Make Used Furniture Feel New Again!

Apr 18, 2022 | Uncategorized

How to make used furniture new again

The best part of buying used furniture is hunting through online ads, garage sales, and even antique shops. Sometimes you luck out and inherit a great piece of furniture from your grandpa or an old roommate. Not only is buying used furniture fun, but you can save some money with incredible deals. However, there is one issue with buying or inheriting used furniture–the germs. Before you bring that furniture and all of its germs and bacteria into your home, you will want to properly disinfect it. This is critical if you want to keep your home healthy. Properly sanitizing used furniture also rids it of any gross odors it may be carrying. This is where upholstery cleaning in Seal Beach can come in handy!

#1: Disinfect Your Furniture Piece

First things first–disinfect. There are several easy ways to disinfect your furniture. Buying sanitizing wipes, aerosol sprays, or DIY remedies can help. Most  DIY remedies involve creating a vinegar and warm water mixture to kill germs. You can also have peace of mind my calling in professionals like Immaculate Home Chem-Dry of Orange County (shameless plug) who use professional-strength sanitizer to completely eliminate unhealthy bacteria. 

#2: Strip of Unknown/Unwanted Odors

Second, your furniture needs to be stripped of unknown/unwanted odors. Most furniture odors happen because of trapped moisture or pet pee in the fabric. Deodorizers don’t remove the mustiness, they only cover it up temporarily. It is important to really clean the fabric to remove the smell. A mixture of warm water and vinegar or using baking soda can help lift the odors out of your furniture. Immaculate Home Chem-Dry of Orange County can also be called in (another shameless plug). Our team of professional upholstered furniture cleaning technicians specializes in eliminating unwanted odors–that includes pet odors! 

You have done it! Bring that furniture into your home and rest easy knowing you found a great piece for your home without exposing your place to bacteria and germs. Enjoy your new couch, loveseat, or chair, and kick your feet up!

Upholstery Cleaning in Seal Beach, California

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