3 Reasons Why Carpet Stains Resurface

Jan 20, 2022 | Uncategorized

3 Reasons Why Carpet Stains Resurface

We know it can be extremely frustrating to spend money, time, and effort trying to eliminate stubborn carpet stains or odors when they just reappear in the future. Fortunately, Immaculate Home Chem-Dry of Orange County knows what could be causing this problem and what you can do about it!

1. Leftover Sticky and Soapy Residue

Sometimes when a stain resurfaces, it’s not an old stain coming back. Instead, it’s a new stain embedded in leftover cleaning residue in your carpet. Storebought stain removers and steam cleaners rely on soapy, chemical solutions to clean your carpets. When these solutions are poured onto your carpets too heavily or if they aren’t rinsed off well enough with water, they leave behind a sticky residue that attracts dirt and stains.

How to get rid of it:

Call an eco-friendly carpet cleaner that uses fewer harsh chemicals and safer cleaning solutions! At Immaculate Home Chem-Dry of Orange County, we use a safe, and non-toxic cleaner that doesn’t leave behind any leftover residue on your carpet. When you choose us for carpet cleaning in Fullerton, CA, you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals entering your home and you don’t have to deal with stains resurfacing.

2. Too Much Moisture

Perhaps you noticed a carpet stain and called up your local steam cleaner to take care of it. Unfortunately, they may have made the problem worse! Steam cleaners use a lot of water to clean and their equipment pushes stains deep into your carpet so they disappear from the surface. Then, their equipment removes the remaining moisture from the carpet, but their machinery isn’t powerful enough to remove all of the excess moisture. Because of this, the original stain and leftover moisture stay trapped in your carpet. Then, when your carpet is drying and trying to absorb the stain and water, the stain slowly moves up the fibers and appears on the surface of the carpet once again.

How to get rid of it:

Don’t use a carpet cleaning solution that relies on excessive water usage! Instead, try a cleaner that uses less water to reduce moisture beneath your carpet. We use our innovative Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) cleaning method for carpet cleaning in Fullerton, CA. Our unique method uses carbonation to clean, enabling us to use 80% less water than steam cleaners. 

3. Untreated Pet Urine Accidents

Pets often urinate in the same spot in your home even if their previous accident has been cleaned up. If you’re lucky, you know where these hot spots are and can immediately recognize accidents. But, sometimes it may take you a few days to notice pet urine stains and odors. As soon as your pet urinates on the carpet, the moisture soaks into the carpet fibers, padding, and even the backing below. As the moisture evaporates, odor-filled urine crystals are left behind leaving a foul urine smell. While DIY or storebought carpet cleaners may appear to remove urine stains, they don’t eliminate the odor crystals that are trapped below your carpet.

How to get rid of it:

Our Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T) at Chem-Dry was actually created with a special solution that breaks down urine crystals and removes pet urine odors and stains straight from the source. In fact, P.U.R.T effectively removes pet urine odors from carpets.*

Contact us today for carpet cleaning in Fullerton, CA to remove stubborn stains for good!

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