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Granite countertops add a beautiful touch to any kitchen or bathroom in your home, but they can be quite an investment. Although it can be difficult to keep your granite countertops clean and sealed, it is essential that this gets taken care of! If not, the sealant will begin to let dirt and dust into your countertops, making them lose their original luster and shine. 

Fortunately, you can preserve the look of your exquisite granite countertops with our granite countertop renewal in East Los Angeles, CA! We use specialized cleaning solutions and equipment designed to safely and effectively remove dirt and buildup from your countertops.

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Improve the Health and Look of Your Kitchen

Granite is very porous, making it an easy surface to hide dust and dirt that can only be eliminated with deep cleaning. At Immaculate Home Chem-Dry of East Los Angeles County, we give your granite countertops a deep, effective cleaning. After we clean, we seal the surface to keep dirt away. This also helps restore the shine and extend the life of your granite countertops! We use safe, green-certified cleaning solutions, and specialized cleaning equipment to clean your countertops and make your kitchen cleaner.

How Our Granite Cleaning Process Works

Before we begin cleaning, we consult with you to better understand your needs and make sure we provide you with the best granite countertop renewal in East Los Angeles County, CA. Here are our typical steps:

Clean and Scrub

Chem-Dry’s proprietary granite countertop cleaning solution removes dust, dirt, and grime from your countertops with gentle scrubbing. We do not use abrasive scrubbing techniques like other granite countertop renewal companies.

Remove Leftover Residue

Once we’ve cleaned the surface of your countertops, we remove any leftover residue using our specialized granite countertop residue remover.


After we remove leftover residue, we seal your countertops with a small amount of our granite countertop sealer, which dries within 3-5 minutes. Our sealer provides a powerful layer of protection for your countertops.


Lastly, we polish your countertops with our unique granite polish. Our polish leaves your countertops shiny and lustrous for the months and years to come!

Don't spend money on new countertops, choose granite countertop renewal instead!

Give Immaculate Home Chem-Dry of East Los Angeles County a chance to save you money and make your countertops look clean again!

Choose the East Los Angeles Granite Cleaning Professionals

While there are many do-it-yourself countertop renewal products, these products tend to cause more harm to your countertops in the long run. Plus, most renewal products contain harsh or abrasive ingredients that can damage the granite and make the finish appear dull.
Immaculate Home Chem-Dry of East Los Angeles County’s granite countertop renewal in El Monte, West Covina, Rosemead, and surrounding areas uses green-certified cleaning solutions that improve the look and cleanliness of your countertops. With us, you don’t have to worry about any dangerous chemicals entering your home or damaging your countertops. We also have trained technicians that are friendly and do the job right!

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