Add Pet Urine Removal to Your Holiday Cleaning List

Nov 5, 2022 | Pet Urine Removal Treatment

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The holidays are a time for family, friends, and extra stress for many of us. One way to reduce the amount of holiday stress you’re feeling is by ensuring your home is clean and welcoming for any guests that may drop by. If you have pets, this can be particularly challenging, as even the best-behaved animals have accidents from time to time. 

As much as you love your furry friend, their accidents can certainly hamper the holiday spirit. Even if you’ve tried some DIY techniques to get rid of the smell and less-than-pleasant appearance of these stains, you likely have been unsuccessful at fully ridding your carpet or upholstery of the evidence. A professional carpet cleaning is the best way to remove pet stains and odors from your carpet or upholstery. 

The good news is Chem-Dry can eliminate pet odors just in time for the holidays, enabling you to welcome both the holiday season and guests with even more cheer than usual. We have a specific process designed to lift away pet accident stains and related odors, aptly named Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.). Thanks to P.U.R.T., the technicians at Chem-Dry can remove even the toughest remains of pet accidents without any extra effort on your part.

How P.U.R.T.’s Unique Formula Works

Chem-Dry’s P.U.R T. service is here to tackle those stubborn urine stains and smells! As soon as it contacts the source, this chemical reaction begins destroying all of the odors for you in seconds – no need to go through hours or days cleaning up after someone else (no matter how small). Here’s how:

  1. We determine the source and severity of the odor.
  2. We perform a hot-water rinse on the carpet or rug to extract the urine crystals.
  3. In the worst cases, we have to pull back the carpet in suspected areas to reveal the extent of the damage.*
  4. If necessary, we remove and replace the pad underneath*
  5. If necessary, we apply odor-blocking shellac to the subfloor.*
  6. We then apply P.U.R.T.® to the tack strip, the sub floor, the baseboards, and the carpet backing. It is necessary to apply this product heavily enough to dampen all areas affected by the urine.*
  7. Over the next 24 to 36 hours, the ingredients in P.U.R.T.® will react with the urine and break down the odor-causing components.


Whether your pets are indoor or outdoor animals, accidents happen—but there’s no need to stress this holiday season thanks to Immaculate Chem-Dry’s Pet Urine Removal Treatment (PURT). Not only will P.U.R.T. eliminate any existing pet odor in your home, but it will also discourage your pets from future accidents in the same area by breaking down the molecules that attract them to that spot in the first place. Be sure to call Immaculate Home Chem-Dry of East Los Angeles County today and ask about scheduling an appointment for our PURT treatment! 


*Additional charges may apply for services based on your unique situation and the amount of time and cleaning solution required to remove the pet odors. Please note that this process may take up to 48 hours to fully dry. You may want to ventilate your home slightly so that the odor can escape.

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