5 Dirty Particles Lurking in Your Couch & Tips to Remove ThemYou are probably used to vacuuming your floors and wiping your countertops, but most people forget about cleaning one of the things your family uses on a daily basis— the upholstery! Many people procrastinate getting a professional upholstery cleaning in Torrance, CA until their couches or sofas become visibly dirty or stained. But, your couch is likely hiding harmful contaminants that you can’t see. This is why it’s so important to get your furniture cleaned regularly!

1. Viruses & Bacteria

Do your kids like to lay on the couch and watch TV while they’re sick? Do your pets play outside and then sit on the couch afterward? If so, your couch is probably full of germs and bacteria! Even if your family or pets never come in contact with the couch when they’re sick or dirty, viruses and bacteria are picked up on our skin and clothing and transferred to the upholstery when we sit on the furniture. The build-up of germs and bacteria can negatively affect the health of your home and family. Luckily, Immaculate Home Chem-Dry removes 89% of airborne bacteria* with our carpet and upholstery cleaning in Torrance, CA.

2. Allergens & Dust Mites

Dust mites love to nest in the soft fibers of upholstery. Unfortunately, these mites shed their skin and leave feces behind. When these particles are inhaled, they can trigger allergies and asthma. Other allergens, such as pet dander and pollen can be deposited by your pet or get carried in the air or on clothing. If anyone in your family has respiratory problems, these allergens can cause harmful effects. Immaculate Home Chem-Dry is your go-to choice for upholstery cleaning in Torrance when it comes to a healthy home that’s allergy-free. In fact, we remove 98% of allergens from carpet and upholstery*!

3. Mold

If you live in a humid or warm climate, there’s a significant chance that mold will grow in the soft fibers of your furniture. Mold creates an unsanitary environment in your home and also increases the risk that you and your family will be afflicted with asthma and other respiratory issues. Getting your furniture cleaned can help reduce mold in your home, but make sure to use a furniture cleaner with fast-drying cleaning solutions. Leaving your furniture wet for days will only encourage the growth of more mold! Upholstery cleaned by us dries in as fast as 1-2 hours!

4. Oil & Grease

Human skin produces body oils that are transferred to your upholstery, which can cause furniture discoloration overtime. The most common areas on your upholstery where this occurs are the headrests and armrests, as that’s where our bare skin and hair contact the upholstery the most. Grease and oils can also be carried in the air (from cooking oils in a room near the kitchen) and on fur, clothing, and shoes. Routine upholstery cleaning in Torrance, CA can help keep these greasy, oil zones under control and can help extend the life of your upholstery.

5. Toxic Chemicals & Particles

Anything that is floating around in the air of your home can make its way onto your upholstery. This could be anything from home cleaning solutions to paint chemicals. Depending on what it is, these chemicals can be toxic to your family. When you are cleaning chemicals off your furniture, be sure to choose a green-certified, non-toxic upholstery cleaner who cleans your furniture without providing further exposure to harsh contaminants!

Remove Dirty Particles with Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Torrance, CA

If thinking about what could be lurking in the couch you’re sitting on made your skin crawl, remember that there are professional solutions that effectively sanitize and deep clean your upholstery! Immaculate Home Chem-Dry is here to help your home and furniture get clean and healthy!

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